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I had a trial for Proactive at this point almost 2 years ago. I cancelled immediately after as I did not want to continue receiving product. I, however, was charged and sent two additional orders worth of Proactive, for which I reluctantly paid for. I called Guthy-Renker directly to make sure that this had been dealt with fully and after spending an hour being aggressively harassed to purchase more products, I eventually was able to get to the... Read more

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My wife brought the product and wasn't unhappy or happy with it but the next month we received more and didn't order it . After we called them they said they sent a letter in first package telling us were a member and charged our account without notifing us. These are tricky people beware they said there sending a return address and after we send product back they will return our money. They should have told us on phone about membership and... Read more

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Cancelled my "subscription" 2 months ago, they said it was cancelled themselves, still took money out. Awful customer service. Do not recommend at all!

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I had the same experience. I called and cancelled immediately after I discovered the additional charges that I never agreed to. They shipped the second order anyway. I called, explained THEIR ERROR and not only did they refuse to refund the money but they CHARGED ME AN ADDITIONAL $15.99. I called my bank and disputed the charges. Now I have another shipment on the way (3rd) and have had to cancel my debit card in order to stop the shipments and... Read more

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Have sent the package back to them unopened as i didnt order it just want to know if they have received it and to let me know

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I bought an item from Dr Perricone following a TV advert which I believed was supplied by Dr Perricone because the invoice had the company's name on it. A month later I realised that money had been taken from my account and I recevied further products from Dr Perricone which I did not order. The bank statement showed that the money was taken out by Guthy Renken. I have asked my bank to block them from taking any more money out and I will be... Read more

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These robbing b****ds have just dtolen £80.00 out of my bank account, misleading robbers, entrapment is what it is, i purchased a face cream for £19.99 and a month later take £80.00 out of my bank, and apparently thete isnt anything i can do, heartbroken and so angry, i would nevr have agreed to this. Read more

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I ordered one kit of Pro Active for my grandson. I told them I did not want a continuing shipment, that I would order each kit as needed. We received that order. I ordered a second kit and again told them I did not want regular shipments ever. We received that order. The next thing I know, I get another kit and they billed me at a higher amount. I emailed them and told them to stop sending them. They sent me another kit and billed me... Read more

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You're led to believe that you receive a trial. Of the proactive product for certain price if they use it for 30 days and realize that you do not like it you will be charged full price which is nearly $100 and you're not told that unless you really dig to look for that information. The practice is very shady and underhanded a good business would not do this if they want it returned customers.

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The products are fair to schetchy. I've been on PROACTIVE for years and saw little to No improvements do i canceled. Then they wanted to charge me full price to cancel. My issue is if you believe in your product why the shady dealings? All the billing is hidden deep in the offers. Beware because of customer testimonials and their "Rep" I dobby trust this company! That's my opinion only, but pay attention to details, that's where they get you. ... Read more

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