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never order from guthy renker!! Ordered thr pro active set for 24.94 then a month later 64.92 taken from my bank. They saying it clearly states in invoice! *** you are scammers i want my money back! They saying cant stop drlivery so ill have to send package back myself and i have to pay postage

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From tv ordered their crepe erase product 60 day trial £29.99 plus p&p. Cancelled within the 60 days and returned 2nd package as I found out they charged £34.94 monthly (EVERY MONTH) yet you only receive one package every 3 months. Product didn't work either. Was horrified! They emailed to say they had refunded £29.99 after i cancelled, would show up 5 days later. Checked bank statement, they had refunded £29.99 but taken 2 x £34.94 from my... Read more

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I had a trial for Proactive at this point almost 2 years ago. I cancelled immediately after as I did not want to continue receiving product. I, however, was charged and sent two additional orders worth of Proactive, for which I reluctantly paid for. I called Guthy-Renker directly to make sure that this had been dealt with fully and after spending an hour being aggressively harassed to purchase more products, I eventually was able to get to the... Read more

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My wife brought the product and wasn't unhappy or happy with it but the next month we received more and didn't order it . After we called them they said they sent a letter in first package telling us were a member and charged our account without notifing us. These are tricky people beware they said there sending a return address and after we send product back they will return our money. They should have told us on phone about membership and... Read more

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Cancelled my "subscription" 2 months ago, they said it was cancelled themselves, still took money out. Awful customer service. Do not recommend at all!

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I had the same experience. I called and cancelled immediately after I discovered the additional charges that I never agreed to. They shipped the second order anyway. I called, explained THEIR ERROR and not only did they refuse to refund the money but they CHARGED ME AN ADDITIONAL $15.99. I called my bank and disputed the charges. Now I have another shipment on the way (3rd) and have had to cancel my debit card in order to stop the shipments and... Read more

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Have sent the package back to them unopened as i didnt order it just want to know if they have received it and to let me know

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I bought an item from Dr Perricone following a TV advert which I believed was supplied by Dr Perricone because the invoice had the company's name on it. A month later I realised that money had been taken from my account and I recevied further products from Dr Perricone which I did not order. The bank statement showed that the money was taken out by Guthy Renken. I have asked my bank to block them from taking any more money out and I will be... Read more

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These robbing b****ds have just dtolen £80.00 out of my bank account, misleading robbers, entrapment is what it is, i purchased a face cream for £19.99 and a month later take £80.00 out of my bank, and apparently thete isnt anything i can do, heartbroken and so angry, i would nevr have agreed to this. Read more

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I ordered one kit of Pro Active for my grandson. I told them I did not want a continuing shipment, that I would order each kit as needed. We received that order. I ordered a second kit and again told them I did not want regular shipments ever. We received that order. The next thing I know, I get another kit and they billed me at a higher amount. I emailed them and told them to stop sending them. They sent me another kit and billed me... Read more

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