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Guthy Renker
Main address: 41-550 Eclectic St., Suite 200 92260 Palm Desert CA
760-773-9022, 760-773-9016,
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  • 2 days ago
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Palm Desert, California
  • Wrong Charges
  • 1
  • 5

I received a 90 day order for X-out (and charge) after having ordered one 30 day supply. When I ordered the 30 day supply I specifically checked to not have this be a re-occuring shipment because I wanted to see if it actually worked first. I immediately closed the account and shipped back the 90 day supply. I received yet another charge the next month for the supply after having called and... Read more

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I tried to cancel this morning and they said they would continue to take out of my account. The product is not whs t was described on TV.I am very unsatisfied. They say money back guarantee. I don't want my money back I just don't want any future orders. The customer service department is awful. Completely no help. Add comment

  • Jul 16
  • Health and Beauty
  • Bad Product
  • 8

I have tried and tried, as well, to cancel and it just keeps coming!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! THERE IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They say they will take care of it and then I am charged and the product shows up and I return it and I don't get credit for the return. Total rip off artists. Why are they still in business. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Whatever you do spread the word and... Read more

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  • Jul 15
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Auto Shipping
  • 1
  • 12

I really like the product, but, when I ordered, it was not obvious to me I was signing up for auto ship - that is, they will charge my credit card every 30 days and auto ship the product. This should be something you can opt into, not be forced to make a phone call and deal with very pushy customer service individuals - who rudely inform you that you signed up for it when you placed your order. ... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • San Francisco, California
  • Other Product
  • 17

Guthy-Renker LLC and Alliance One Collection Company, we have tried to cancel this Guthy- Renther hair products more than three times on the phone they kept sending the product and we kept sending it back they actually sent us the label to send it back so we do not owe money to this company because we did not keep the product. We kept the very first one and I paid for the very first one I called... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Health and Beauty
  • Vita Clear Vitamins
  • 13

we have had great luck with the product but no longer need them...I have send back several boxes and they keep coming!!! what a scam!!! I will not recommend that anyone even try the product knowing how hard it is to cancel if that is what they want to do. I have looked for a phone number to call in person and cant even find that. I have tried to call proactive and they cant seem to direct me in... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Slave Lake, Alberta
  • Pro Active Solutions
  • 25

I ordered pro active because it promises to give you that healthy younger looking skin and I did have the odd pimple during that time of the month. but other than that I had pretty good complection I never even wore make up besides mascara and lip gloss. before I used the product I did a 24 hr test nothing happened so I started the 3 step system. I went to bed after applying the product when I... Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Shopping
  • San Francisco, California
  • Supersmile Product
  • 28

I ordered the Supersmile product through a Guthy Renker TV Offer in March 2014. I did not like the product and after the first shipment called Guthy Renker on April 23 to cancel all future shipments. The second shipment had already arrived and the Guthy Renker customer service representative told me to send back the second shipment, which I did, for a full refund. I even have the UPS signed... Read more

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  • Jun 02
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Proactive Product
  • 29

Proactive product appeared on my doorstep while I was out of town working. When I came home I contacted Proactive to inquire about returning the package as I only ordered the product once. Package was returned but I received a bill. I called Proactive to make sure they credited my account for my return. They indicated that the 60 day guarantee had expired. I said please send me my product back... Read more

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  • May 26
  • Professional Services
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Subscription Product
  • 38

I became a susciber of wen thinking I was ok because it was backed by gunthy render what aistake. They sent me things I didn't order so I'd call and they would say it was ok and that they would fix it anhd for the trouble they would sende a bottle free. If get the bottle and when I got my bill it would be on there. I canceled my subscription and on my last bill there's a charge... Read more

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