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In March of 2011 I ordered some make up for my sister. I've been receiving a bill from guthyrenker every month since then even though I have paid it.

Today is 5-30-2013. The stack they have sent me gets larger. They are threatening to send me to collections and they will not send me any receipts. They only sent one package of make up.

Their email/customer service is low down and dirty, people on the company end of that are abusive, just plain and simple. I've suffered through a lot of waiting and nasty customer service people only to be treated shabbily. I've had to call the department of justice's attention to them before in 2010 when they were insistent that I had not paid them for proactive shipments. I reviewed my credit card records and proved that I did pay them but they kept after me.

The DOJ of California finally forced them to quit. Don't buy from them buy it direct if you can.

Monetary Loss: $145.

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Well dontbestupid I realize you have problems with reading, comprehension and the ability to think critically so when you shoot off your mouth you're not making yourself look good, so go right ahead and show how *** you are. Thank you so much for your opinion but you might want to be better informed in the future ***.


Sounds to me since you did it with Proactiv you also did it with the make-up and ordered and didn't finish paying for it. Ha!

***. Of course it will go to collections!

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