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WEN customer service is awful! The try it for 10.00 offer is a hook, they automatically sign you up as a member even if you email customer service that you do not want the products!

They refuse to refund your money (better get a RA)and basically call you a liar. I will never ever buy from Guthy-Renker ever again!! They have lost a customer and I am cancelling my Granddaughters pro-active as well. I will no longer deal with Chinese companies!!

The bras, mineral veil, pro-active, WEN, Principal Secret, and other products are made overseas!! No American jobs there!

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Wen and anythhing Guthy Renker is horrible. Sad part is I hear their products are good.

Why do they have to scam people if they have a good product. Same thing happened to my sister. The lady on the phone swore it would be a one time charge. It wasnt.

She purchased the product Wen, didnt like it casue it made her hair greasy, she sent the ONE TIME PURCHASE back. Not only did they not refund her money but they charged her 99$ the next month. She is in the middle of a divorce so I had to pay the 99$, with of course a 35$ over draft fee included. As I was finding this page I realized Guthy Renker also makes meaningful beauty, a product my wife uses.

I dont care if I have to pay triple for a different product I will make sure that she or anyone else in my family never uses Guthy Renker products again. Shame on Greg Renker, Billy Guthy, Cindy Crawford and everyone else involved in this scam. If you are as pissed as I am you should realize that Guthy Renker is parnters with Paramount Equity, the company that screwed so many home owners over a few years back. its my understanding they also make solar panels.

Makes sense, thick as theives. Remember we are Americans in a free market, do not stand by and give your money to crooks when there are so many hard working people with great products out there. I rad an article that said Bill Guthy;s daughter made $2000 selling lemonade and cookies.

Did dad teach her the re-ocurring feescam? :(


Dear Vpurdy,

Thank you for sharing your experience. We want to resolve this for you and hope you will contact our corporate customer service escalation team directly to look into what might have gone wrong.

We would be happy to help you resolve any issues if you would be so kind as to contact them at Please include your account information or your full name and address in your email, with your issue so they can look into your account.

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