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I was *** and in a moment of weakness I ordered the $29.95 Sheer Cover makeup kit.I have psoriasis and the informercial said that it would cover the red marks that are left behind so I bought it.

While ordering I was offered two additional products (concealer and cleanser) for $6.60 extra. I thought that was a good deal and selected the items to include with my order. The package came a week later with an invoice that stated that my $29.95 and $6.60 had jumped to $116.00 payable in three installments. When I called them they said that because I picked the two additional "bonus items" that I had agreed to buy a 3 month kit for the additional amount they were billing my charge card for.

I told them I had agreed to no such thing and did not see anything wording on the website that stated that. The service rep's words were "They're there, they're just really small." I told her to cancel any additional shipments and to cancel my order. I then asked about return shipping and I was told that was my problem since I didn't want it. I went out to the internet and did a search on them and found 46 pages of consumer complaints on them.

I now have to send the package back at a higher rate of postage to get online tracking and "signature required" features. Everyone online stated that when they sent their package back, Guthy-Renker/Sheer Cover stated that they never received it and kept on charging their card. They have since sent me another email telling me that they were charging me for the second installment. I have contacted Capital One and they say I have to contact Sheer Cover to get it to stop.

I emailed Sheer Cover and they said until they get the package back they will continue to charge me. I will NEVER order anything from the TV again.

Why doesn't the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office look into these nationwide deceptive business tactics?Why are they still in business if this is the way they operate?

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I agree.you order usually just once to maybe try these products,then once you tell someone in customer service you don't want anything else ,the next thing I get a withdrawal from my bank account usually for more you paid for it the first time.this company isn't the only one who does this either.its not safe to order hardly anything from websites..

White City, Oregon, United States #811052

I placed an order with Sheer Cover in January after responding to their ad for $29.95 a month + Shipping & Handling.At the time the "fine print" said they would send out replacements every 3 months but that you could cancel anytime.

I planned to cancel well before the 3 months were up because I personally don't like automatic shipments as they always seem to come too often and well before the original product is used up. The very next month I was charged for another box of makeup even though it had only been 1 month not 3. I was upset that Sheer Cover did not hold up their end of our agreement to ship every 3 months but I decided for $29.95 I might as well save myself a trip to the post office and give the set to my sister. I cancelled all future orders that very day on March 29, 2014 and I received a cancellation confirmation email back from Sheer Cover.

I thought my Sheer Cover relationship had ended. The very next month I was charged AGAIN this time for $98.82 to be paid over 3 months! I couldn't believe Sheer Cover would defraud me like that. I wish I had the ability to upload photos because I would upload screen shots of Sheer Cover ads and their agreement that clearly shows the price advertised is 29.95 a month + Shipping & Handling NOT $98.82!

Who would pay almost a $100 dollars for tiny containers of TV makeup?

It was outrageous and I fully believe Sheer Cover is a scam.

Jamnagar, Gujarat, India #716253

I have place an order.As per their terms the kit will get within 7-10 working days.

But after 20 days i called to customer care, and they are telling your parsle is return from your side. But its not true.

If they are not going to deliver it, then why they are promise us to deliver it.:(

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #681036

SCAM!Ordered a $9.00 trial kit - cheap right?!?

Called to tell Guther Renker I was not pleased with the product and didn't want to be enrolled in auto-shipping. Guess what happened??? After charging me $90 and sending another box of their awful make-up, I'm on the hook for shipping the product back because the "free shipping" label has no tracking number and the post office wouldn't let me buy one without purchasing full postage. I can send it free without a tracking number, but then I have no proof I mailed it, and let's face it - this company is not exactly trustworthy.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.Their product is horrible and they LIE.

Ashton-Under-Lyne, England, United Kingdom #631274

Think sheer cover is fab

:p :p

Santa Rosa, California, United States #584113

I just received a package today with a notice that my credit card would be billed for product.I NEVER ORDERED OR EVEN HEARD OF PRODUCT!

I cancelled credit card and plan on contacting the Postmaster tomorrow.Total fraudulent scam!




i ordered the $9.95 trial offer about 8days ago and i havnt even received it yet, however, after reading all of your comments i went ahead and called them a min ago and cancelled my future orders.the guy kept trying to make me feel *** for cancelling because i havnt even received the product at all yet and dont know how much i will like or dislike it but im so worried that i will be charged out the waazoo for it if i dont cancel within 14days, so i cancelled it before it even got here!

hopefully i will not experience any of the probs many of you did.thanks for the heads up though cause i was under the impression that i had 30 days to cancel!

to jamie #598859

Hi, I am in the same predicament as you and I had called customer service to terminate my account/subscription. The rep did in fact say she would (my package also did not come yet because I ordered yesterday), but I was wondering if they actually stopped charging you like they said they would. Thanks


I too was scammed.I payed the $29.95, plus purchased the vitamin offer.

I am now faced with over $210 in charges. $70 of which were just charged. They claimed they have cancelled my card, but said it would take over 6 months for a refund! I am worried that they will charge my card, so I will be calling my bank next.

I had been out of work for over 9 months and got a job finally, so bought this as a gift to myself...ha!

I was already so broke and skimped on other things to get something to make me feel good, instead I feel like pulling my hair out...they need to be SHUT DOWN and sued.We all deserve every penny back!

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