dont buy anything through Guthy renker! i bought some proactive stuff for my wife and it was about $95.oo give or take a few bucks.

she started to run out so i made another order $70.65. i got my statment from the bank and i seen proactive $122.85. looked through and again seen $122.85. so i sent an email to customer care advising of the mistake.

i was told as soon as they seen my bankstatements they would reinburse my money. i went to the bank and got my statments printed out and thought i would send it to guthy renker when i got home. then a delivery van gave me a pacage with a bill in it for $122.85?..... i rang guthy renker they told me when you buy somthing from there site you join a membership and that i should have seen that.

so i got the lady to wlak me through the site and no where did it say anything about me joining a memebership as i made an order like i did the 1st time. she insisted it did and that i was ment to be sent a package every 2 months for $122.85. when i asked her about the 2nd order i made for $70.85 she said it was cancelled and my normal order was sent anyway. then whe ni said i had been sent three packages @ $122.85 over three months instead of every 2 months like she said my contract was she said it just got sent a bit early.

then i asked her if i had a contract what was my agreed direct debit date she said what i can do for you sir is refund your money. so we will see if i will get refunded and i can kiss my $80 odd dollars goodbye from the begining whe the 1st lot of direct debit mistakes were made.

so i learnt my lesson the hard way and i hope someone will get to read this before they make the same mistake.

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I agree. Guthy Renker is COMPLETELY unethical.

First their auto-ship language is deceptive. I scrutinized the fine print of my Proactiv order and didn't find any indication I was committing to a recurring program. Then, I returned the product and they still kept billing me. I called them and they admitted to receiving the package but said it was not covered under their money-back return policy and are now sending me to collections.

Their sales tactics and customer service policies are completely focused on profit and not their consumers. I will NEVER order from them again.

PS: The Proactiv turned my teen's skin to sandpaper. NOT AS ADVERTISED.


I have had the most regretful online experience thanks to Guthy_Renker. They are nothing but complete scam artists.

Hopefully I have enough on them to get appropriate authorities to investigate this companies practice. After many long wait time phone calls and emails I eventually received an email stating that my account that I never knew I opened was closed. But the following month they helped themselves to my credit card yet again this time without any authority. I now intend to go as public as I can as people need to be warned of the entrapment process these rip off merchants use.

I know you read this blog Guthy-Renker.

Where are your business scruples? You are the lowest of the low with your scam.


Hi there,

I'm so sorry for this experience!! Just to quickly explain. our Preferred Customers get their systems replenished every 90 days (or at intervals they select) in order to stay on top of controlling their acne and keeping clear. I understand that this can be confusing if not properly explained and I'm so sorry for the frustration you've experienced. Have you been able to return your kits for your refund? If not, I'd really like to help you get this solved right away. Can you email us at CustomerService@guthy-renker.com with the subject line "PissedConsumer.com?" If you can include your account # (if you have it) and your billing address-- it'll help us find you even quicker. Like I said, would really like to help fix this asap for you!!


Kathryn (Proactiv USA)

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