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I have been battling Gunty-Renker (Wen Products) since August 2011. Be sure not to give these people your credit card numbers or you will live a nightmare trying to correct unwanted shipments and promises that you have a "30 day return policy".

Unless you want an early heart attack, just stay away. Their customer service people are unfriendly and will tell you one lie after another to get you off of the phone. Or if you are really lucky, you will get someone who speaks broken English and you get off the phone thinking "what did they actually tell me!" My nightmare began with ordering the "sample" Wen product and not liking the product. They sent me a huge 90 day supply - which I promptly called (within a few days of receipt) to cancel and return.

They said "no problem, we will send you a return label". After 6 different conversations - every couple of weeks - and being told I would receive the return label - they threatened "collection". At that point I was really teed off - got hold of a "supervisor" who finally said they were not sending return labels anymore and "I was beyond the 30 day return policy period". Well, the saga goes on and on until I receive yet ANOTHER bill for the product - nearly $100.

Just beware of this complany unless you want to spend hours upon hours on the phone. As of today it is still not corrected.

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I am finding out how dishonest they are, my order was placed Sept. 2011 and I have not received it as yet. I called the customer service to complain and when I got my credit card statement they had charged me again for the same order IO havent received as yet.


Dear Sir or Madam,

Please send your detailed complaint to I'd like to review your complaint and make sure to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

Thank you and kind regards,



You deserved to get burned. Only mor0ns and suckers order from late night infomercials and QVC.

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