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Everyone, please file your complaint with the Better Business Bureau! They will get the company to respond to them and get results for you.

Instead of dealing with the Mindless Robot Reps that are from another country. You must not give up. A lot of these companies make their money banking on, you will become frustrated and not follow through, on your complaint and this how they make their money. So you have to be smarter and protect your asset!

These companies are scamming U to make money, and what their doing is illegal. When you file a complaint a mark on their Business record. Note: here's others that r scamming U: No No hair removal, Free T.V. P.S.

here's a bit of information on of this companies where about's it's located in (Rancho Santa Margarita California), it's next to Mission Viejo, Orange County area. Check your box for return address. I know this because I use to drive past it when I lived there. I hope this helps because I too have been scammed (Spell check the city).

This may give you direct contact with this company and if not. Contact the City of Commerce in that city for info?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: That i will be reporting you to the better bisiness bureau.

I didn't like: Product.

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