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I purchased vitamin tablets from Guthy Renker a few months back and had cancelled the service after a month.Despite this, they still charge my credit card every month.They don't send me any products but they continue to charge.I called my bank and reverted the charges but now I see mails saying that I need to pay $65.88 to avoid further collection efforts.

In the mail,they have not even sent a contact phone number or an address to contact for issues.In the screen shot you can see that no contact information has been given.

Please never ever buy products from Guthy Renker,meanest ever company that I have seen !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $66.

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Cancelling out your account does not cancel if you still have a balance. With a balance of $65.88 you only paid the first payment and you still owe the balance.

You will get notices because you didn't finish paying for the vitamins you kept and didn't return. Sorry but the collection letter you have posted, does have a phone number you just conveniently left it out. So many people try to get something for nothing and not pay for the products in full.

You should be ashamed. You are the scammer.

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