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I received the 90 days supply from sheer cover but once checked the amount in each item in the package compared to the 30 day supply advertized on their catalog, they actually only send 60 day supply (as an example: 2 SPF 15 Mineral Foundation for 30 days is 3.0 grams versus 8 grams for 90 days supply).

I called customer service and they hang up on me (twice) once I argued this simple math. They were trying to convince me that what I received is their 90 days supply. I am convinced this is a deceiving advertisement and they are getting away with this scam because people do not pay attention to the weight of the package because of the many "goodies" they add as a "gift".

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Thanks for the update but this only shows poor business practice by the company. The customer's reference is the company's advertisement.

If catalog says 30 day supply (not 30 days and a little bit more) for $29.99, the customer will expect 3 times the amount for 90 days supply since customer is paying 3 times de value of $29.99 (not a little bit less). The company should revise the advertisement material to reflect the correct information or they should adjust the price of merchandise according to the amount shipped. Basically, they should be honest with customers.

The company should also train personnel about customer service. It is unacceptable for a phone representative to hang up the phone once they do not know how to answer a question.


Actually, their 30 day supply is more like a 45 day supply. They make the 30 day supply larger because customers often use more when they are first starting out with a new product, and as they get used to them, they use the appropriate amount.

I work for Guthy-Renker Fulfillment Services in the sales department. I don't personally sell sheer cover but I do sell other Guthy Renker skin care products.

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