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In May 2009, I ordered Wen by Chaz Dean, on a "One Time Only" basis. I made it clear that I didn't want to be in on the club price.

Sure enough, they charged my account again within 2 weeks for nearly $50. When I called to complain - they kept trying to talk me into ordering on the club plan. I had to threaten to get an attorney in order for them to take me seriously. They have also jacked me around with Principal Secret products - doing the same thing.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. They're in the racket business!!!

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I have been fighting for months to get my money back from Guthey Renker for Meaningful Beauty vitamins and for the 90 day supply of their beauty line which did NOTHING for me. I got a hold of someone and he said that my money was credited back to my credit card account.

Somehow I do not belive them and I said that if I do not see my money back in the next week, they are getting a phone call back from me. I am NEVER buying anyting from this company again.


I never answered an ad - never visited the web site - never ordered anything. So WHAT TERMS?

Get a clue, get another job, you have to see the light! This is no way to do business. Forced shipments and automatic billing are not necessary if you are legitimate and your product is good.

THESE are the tools of the SCAM ARTISTS. How many times do you need to read it before you believe it?


I ordered the kit for Principal skincare. I loved it.

I was not able to continue the club because I had to work out of town. When I called to cancel the shipment it was cancelled with no charges. I am now going to start my shipment again because I loved the products and they made me skin look great.

I was told it was a club and could cancel the shipment . I did and was never charged.


:cry :cry :( :(

I have worked for this company for a lot of years. If people would read and no its not fine print.

It is called a federal disclosure which tell you what to expect. If you don't read it, it is not our fault.

Be more responsible for your own actions and quit blaming other people.

The whiners really get me. Your only showing your intelligence.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #149798

I can understand people who called within the timeframe to cancel the autoship, and are still being charged, being angry. I would be as well.

But the people who cry "Scam" without paying attention to the fine print, irritate me. As far as Cindy Crawford's products, oh please! I saw her interviewed on TV some years back. She said that after a certain point, all of the skincare creams in the world won't fight wrinkles, only Botox works.

Now, she is selling a product to make you look younger when she is getting Botox injections claiming her product makes her look young? False advertising if you ask me.


The exact thing happened to me!! I only wanted one month - I emphatically told that to the salesperson over the phone!!

Now, they keep sending me the horrible Cindy Crawford product and charging me. I have called them 2-3 times, and every time I think they have figured it out, but they keep charging me. It is NOT my mistake - it is theirs!! And a very annoying, time-consuming ploy to squeeze the money (and the fight) out of consumers.

This company should be sued!! What they are doing is stealing from consumers.

The consumer is completely powerless! This is just so wrong.


to Shuntel Wheat:

I was actually billed for the same product multiple times and was not allowed to claim my money back. Is that a company policy?


I've used Principal Secret skin care line for 4 years. I use it because it works and there is a product for everyone.

If you don't wish to order through Guthy Renker, you can purchase Victoria's products on QVC individually. If your order through Guthy Renker you get the products in a kit form and it is more affordable that way, I believe that is why Victoria Principal sells her products through Guthy Renker so that anyone, including her customers, can save money because there is no middle man like a department store, etc. I am a customer, I do not work for either company.

I will defend a product that works! And yes, I believe in reading fine print.



Is anybody exploring a class action lawsuit against guthy renker?

Please broadcast it so This company which is stealing dollars is sued.



Since I ordered this product over the phone - there was no fine print to read. The person (maybe it was you), didn't or wouldn't listen to my emphatic insistence that i was not interested in a club membership, despite numerous requests for me to join during the conversation.

While I think it is admirable that you want to defend your company, the fact is you can't because there is no "fine print" to read in a phone call. The problem is people who work in call centers and don't listen to the person who calls them to order a product.

So rather than wasting your time writing and shouting at me and trying to insult me, perhaps you could spend more time listening to what people are saying on the phone and helping your co-workers to listen better, as well, rather than ignoring what people are saying. You'd be doing a far greater service to mankind than trying to insult people's intelligence.



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