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I used this product for about 2 weeks and it was the awful! Stringy greasy hair every day.

Supposedly it was for thin hair..yea right. Now after sending the product back over 2 weeks ago im told they haven't received the return and will only credit me when they get it back. Also what i was sent was a supposed to be a 90 day supply which barely lasted me 3 weeks and they want to try to bill me another 60 bucks for their crappy products.

Guthy Renker should have a scammer pop up when you search or order through them!!!! and Wen should be ashamed to call offer their product through other companies that give them a bad name and are therefor not held accountable.

Monetary Loss: $54.

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I'm so sorry for the experience you've had. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is unlike any other hair product as its not shampoo and not conditioner-- it's both. As a result, the washing process is a lot different as well-- for example, we recommend that people rinse their hair afterwards for at least 1 full minute or until the water runs clear. This ensures all of the Cleansing Conditioner plus dirt and oils are out of your hair. This should help with the greasy feeling you've described above.

However, we understand not all products work for everyone which is why we offer our money back guarantee. And I'm sincerely sorry you've had a poor experience in getting that resolved. If you still haven't received your refund, can you email us at customerservice@guthy-renker.com with the subject line "PissedConsumer.com WEN" and include your account number (if you have it) and your billing address? This will help us locate you quicker and help you out asap.

Again, so sorry and hope we can get this resolved for you right away.


Kathryn (Guthy-Renker USA)

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