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At about the time when Wen hair products first showcased their hair pomade's etc., they had offered for free delivery sample of a few different hair products (which I still have in my possession) with the exception of paying shipping and handling.

When I had called to order a sample, the operator at the time asked for my credit card info so to pay the S&H. At no time during that call did she tell me any "catches" or "fine print" warnings; not even to call back as an obligation to cancel a 30 day trial fee (Although there wasn't one).

I still have the samples till this day for two reasons; 1. The product does not mesh well with my hair; and 2. I kept as proof being as I had a hard time suing the company for the amts. they ripped me off for.

I realized one year after I had ordered the samples, that over $100 per month was being deducted from my bank account after I had lost my job and funds I had left were one day gone.

When I called my bank asking who'd deducted my monies, the operator told me the hair company Wen has been taking over $100 per month from my account for the past year.

So I call them, and the operator on the other line gives me jibberish as to how I'm obligated to paying the company these phenominal fees each month simple because I agreed to pay with credit card for the samples; can you believe it; over samples; I was obligated to pay some sort of "initiation" fee just to have samples mailed.

I told her it was against the law and it was not acceptable what they've been doing. I then cut her off from her trying to talk over me and tell her to take my name and info out of their system. Infuriated, I called my bank telling them to put a stop to their deductions and then contacted he better business bureau.

Only problem at that time, I didn't have any extra funds to file the paper work, etc. Until Wen mysteriously started coming back onto the tv ads recently, I had got caught up with work and all, and forgotten about pursuing this company for all the monies they've taken from me. I have the products as proof, still at the same address after all these years too.

I'd like to set up a petition to go about bringing this bogus company to court and refunding me my monies. Anyone who'd be interested in helping me get started with this please get n touch with me.

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This is REALLY sad to have SOMEONE make fun of another person misfortune. The comment posted on March 7 by Anonymous is so pathetic.

A company should stand by its products. Not everyone should have to "chase" after the $$ rightfully theirs.

If you are part of that company, why don't you take the time to address customers concern instead of surfing the net trying to defend the unethical business practice?


Lol.....if you weren't told all the "fine print" and it mattered so much, you would have pursued the matter. Obviously $100 a month isn't too much of a big deal, right?

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