Princeton, Iowa

Wow.. I ordered the Went hair care system through Guthy-Renker, and realized that the bottle ounces are not correct, when I called to ask why a person who orders a 30 day supply gets a 16 oz bottle and a person who orders a 90 day supply gets 2 16 oz bottles, and the math didn't add up, i was given an attitude by the sales rep and when I asked her to transfer my call to another rep, she told me flat out to hang up and call back, and after many times of telling her that due to her attitude with me I wanted to cancel my account, she refused to give me her id # or a confirmation # to my canceled account!

I'm still going to order this product, but through Chaz Deans website. It's less expensive, and you don't have to hassle with dude customer care reps...

Review about: Guthy Renker Customer Care.

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