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So so so jickey. I called three times to stop this product from being shipped or charged to my credit card.

The last call was 15 days ago. Today, low and behold ANOTHER charge to my credit card. I called AGAIN. After being placed on hold, I was given every excuse known to man.

She kept asking if I liked the product. NO. I didn't like the product. Incredibly over-rated and not worth the hassle.

This company is unethical and something should be done about it.

I can't believe what they try to get away with. Shameful and shady company.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Absolutely the worst customer service on the planet! Guthy-Renker does everything possible to make your cancelllation the most nightmarish experience of your life.

At all costs they will lie to you in every possible manner. Never ever do business with these professionsal scam artists.

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