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Guthy-Renker LLC and Alliance One Collection Company,

we have tried to cancel this Guthy- Renther hair products more than three times on the phone they kept sending the product and we kept sending it back they actually sent us the label to send it back so we do not owe money to this company because we did not keep the product. We kept the very first one and I paid for the very first one I called after that very first shipment and I canceled membership. They said they recorded those phone calls

Maybe they still have them, It would be nice to hear them.

This product was absolutely horrible!! I am a cosmetologist and was curious about it. So I ordered it, it was so bad, I couldn't even finish the bottle. I am going to report this to the BBB now, because I gave them many opportunities to fix this problem and they have just escalated it to this point. I am very unhappy with Guthy-renker, they mislead you into these offers in the first place and then act like you never called to cancel when you did!!! And your husband does, twice!!! Yelling after a person tries to tell you that you have to pay for shipping on something that you did not order or want!!!

We are very unhappy customers and I am a licensed cosmologist that will

Be reporting this to the BBB.

Cc: Guthy-Renker LLC

Monetary Loss: $109.

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