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So I CC'd this link to Wen?, G-R & Chaz Dean studios along with the complaint I filed with the State of CA Dept of Consumer Affairs. I copied the complaint with the registration number and sent it with a very offensive and profanity littered Subjec (WAY out of charecter, but warranted). Here is their reply. The email was from "Corporate Escalations" :

Dear Blase,

This is in response to your recent email to Wen® by Chaz Dean.

Per your request, your contact information is being removed from all our lists. Please allow 6 weeks for this action to take effect.

Below is the account information for the three accounts we have for you in our system. This information is being provided to you for your records and convenience.



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What? Their reply makes no sense.

I was going to order the Midnight Special series but now I am having second thoughts and might just pick it up on eBay.

Sorry you are going thru this but the good to come from it is helping others NOT to get involved with this company. Thank you.


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