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i called for "meaningful beauty"changed my mind 15 min. later was told im not in system call tomorrow.calledtoday 4/18/13 and said want to cancel told still not in system but thatmoney $(49.95) had been taken from card account.when i told them then i have to be in system if money was withdrawn,(the rep.)said to call back tomorrow!the red flag went up immediately!last night.i only hope the person i called can help.To G.Rdont try putting me into collections,i already owe an agency 49,000$.wont matter!i wont pay 1cent of my disabity$ to you. hows it feel to rip off disabled people.i have no respect for the celebrities who represent you.pissed as *** and society not taking any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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All advertisements DO tell you it is a monthly membership

People just need to read instead of only hearing/reading what they want to :(

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